Gay Hentai Super Heroes

Monday, July 6. 2009

Hi there! How are you doing? I just noticed I have not posted any gay superheroes for a while. Here are some pics for today. As you might notice, these guys are from my favorite Dragon Ball Z and Street Fighters. This site never disappoints me with their great work. Check it out if you love gay hentai or gay cartoon exclusive arts that you cannot find elsewhere. Hope you start the new week well!

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Spiderman and Gay Cartoon

Tuesday, June 2. 2009

Hi guys! How are you doing? I have some more parody pics of my favorite superhero Spiderman for today. I usually like gay hentai (Asian or Japanese style) but I don't mind some of this western art sometimes. My Spiderman is in some hardcore fuck action with those characters from the Simpsons, Flint Stone, etc. I quite enjoy this set actually.. Hope you enjoy it too :)

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Gay entai Super Heroes

Monday, June 1. 2009

Hi there! How are you doing? Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend. I spent some time searching for more pics and videos and found more of these gay hentai superheroes. I told you before Batman and Spiderman are two of my favorite superheroes so I quite like this set :D At least they are drawn in Asian style...much sexier than those western looking ones! Hope you enjoy the pics!

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Gay Hentai Superheroes

Monday, April 20. 2009

Hi there! How are you doing? I have some western style gay toon superheroes for today. I'm usually a big fan of Asian style or Japanese gay hentai but I do like something different for a change.... I love these superheroes and enjoy watching them in a hardcore XXX action. Hope you like this set! I like the first pic..Batman fucking Superman and the last pic..Superman getting! :D

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Gay Hentai Superheroes

Thursday, April 9. 2009

Hi there! How are you doing? I have not posted gay superhero pics for a while. Here are some for you today. I have a thing with gay hentai superheroes especially when they are western superheroes but drawn in Asian style. This set is such a turn on with these hot gay toon studs. Check out the pics and see them in some hot action...hope you enjoy them.

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Slam Dunk Gay Hentai

Wednesday, March 11. 2009

Hi there! How are you doing?! I bet you know Slam Dunk! This is really one of my favorite Japanese animes. The first time I watched this was like ages ago..I thought it was over 10 years. I just bought DVDs and finished watching it a few weeks ago.. My most favorite character is Rukawa..He is the one on the left in the first pic and the one getting fucked in the third pic. Sakuragi, the red haired boy is actually the main character but I do like Rukawa much more :D Anyway check out the pics and see them suck and fuck!

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Gay Cartoon Superheros

Monday, March 9. 2009

Hi there! How are you doing? Something hot for toon superheros...!! I know a lot of you like superheros...I have a few pics of them for today..Check out these naked superheros..They are hot when they are fully clothed in their outfits but they are even hotter when naked!! and hottest when they fuck or get fucked! That batman fucking Robin is hot!!! Anyway check out the pics and see them yourself!! Another hot gay cartoon art!

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