Gay Hentai Superheroes

Friday, February 12. 2010
Hi there! How are you? I have another hot gay hentai set from again. This site produces some of the best gay hentai superhero theme which is one of my most favorites...and the usually do Asian/Japanese style which is a big plus as I love Asian gay toon so much. Check out this exclusive set below.

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Another Gay Cartoon Superheroes

Wednesday, January 20. 2010
Hi there! How are you? I have another gay cartoon set of superheroes from Just Cartoon Dicks. Even if I loves gay superheroes, I don't know much about Western one. I'm more into Japanese gay hentai. In this set, I only know of Superman and Batman. They look pretty hot anyway. Check them out in the pics below!

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Gay Hentai Superhero Parody

Friday, January 1. 2010
Happy New Year Guys!!! I wish you all a great new years. Thanks for all the support for 2009 :) Gay Hentai Art will continue to grow in this new year. Let's celebrate with these exclusive gay hentai pics from This is another gay hentai superhero set which is always my favorite. It is also a parody... Check it out below and see if your favorite superhero is made in gay hentai version :)

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Gay Hentai Superheroes

Saturday, November 28. 2009
Hi there, How are you? If you are a regular visitor at Gay Hentai Art, you know superhero is my favorite theme for gay hentai. (I always gets turned on by them) I've got some pics of this theme from my favorite site No other places could beat this site when talking about gay hentai superheroes. They've got heaps and heaps and all are very hot. Check out some samples below!

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Exclusive Gay Hentai Superheroes

Monday, October 19. 2009
Hi there, How are you? It's been a while since the last time I posted gay hentai superhero pics from my favorite gay hentai site, These are some pics from the new set which is only available in the member area. Gay Hentai Art is lucky to publish some of them :) I always like gay toon with the concept gay superheroes. They are hot! Check them out in the pics below!

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Hot Exclusive Gay Hentai Pics

Monday, September 7. 2009 brings you yet another hot and exclusive gay hentai pic set. I'm lucky enough to get a few of these and post on Many thanks to the webmaster. The theme is superhero again but this time they seem to take nearly everything off. Check out the sample pics below and see why this site is one of my most favorite gay hentai sites ever. Don't judge it from the free tour.. Their member area is smoking hot!

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Gay Superheroes' Big Cocks

Monday, July 13. 2009
Hi there! How are you doing? I have been in a mood of posting gay superheroes lately. Here are some pics from one of my most favorite gay hentai sites SpunkToons. This site has been my favorite for years as they keep producing lots and lots of exclusive arts. They also features lots of my favorite gay superheroes, gay hentai, comics, etc. Here are some super heroes' big cocks!

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