Horny Gay Hentai Flight Attendants

Wednesday, July 13. 2011
One of the nick-names I've heard flight attendants called is "walking mattress". Given all the flight attendants that I've met, the name is very apt. Actually, given all the flight attendants that I've slept with too! Some of them have had the best bodies I've ever had the pleasure of touching. I asked a flight attendant why one time and he told me it's because when you're O.S. in another time zone and you can't sleep, you go to the hotel gym for a work out. I admired how slutty they are and the lifestyle of flight attendants so much that I even tried to become one when I was younger. Seeing these exceptionally vivid and erotic gay hentai of flight attendants having gay sex and blasting each other with rivers of cum brought back all those fond memories. Thank you SpunkToons.com. Hey, I wonder if the captain knows where his hat has been!

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This Gay Hentai Sailor is "Bara"

Thursday, June 23. 2011
I live in city with a harbor. And you know what that means? Yep, we get sailors from all round the world call into port. And you know what happens to all those hot, young men when they have been months at sea? That's right. They get super horny and are desperate for sex. Even supposedly straight sailor boys will have gay sex if it helps them relax. The electricity in the air for the gay community when a big ship is in town is absolutely electric. The sailors' cocks are as hard as in the pics in these gay hentai from SpunkToons.com. They spurt cum as easily as these cartoons. The gay guys (and sometimes the 'straight') want their holes stuffed like these gay cartoons. Although, I don't know about cumming over a hot dog? Eating cum, maybe.

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Heavenly Hentai Boys Fuck at the Beach

Thursday, June 16. 2011
What could be better than two young, manly, strong and perfectly defined bodies belonging to a handsome pair of gay boys that look like they were made for each other? Absolutely nothing at all. In fact, such a splendid vision is almost impossible to find. Not unless you turn to Gay Comics. I loved checking out their hentai beach boy sex. I had reflections of my innocent youth where I spied on other boys having sex at the gay beach of where I grew up. I loved watching them fuck in a cave or over a fallen tree trunk in the beach scrub. These hentai boys were much more a picture of gay perfection though!

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Hentai Boys With Super Wet Cum Shots

Thursday, June 9. 2011
Enjoy an array of gay cum shots in these gay cartoons from SpunkToons.com. Cumming is the pinnacle of gay sex for most gay guys and these cartoons ensure an extra luscious dose. I can remember I went through a phase where I had to have every guy cum all over me. I loved t seeing the jizz fly at me (as long as it wasn't heading for my eye) and then the hot sensation of it splatting on my skin. I'd get extra turned on if buckets of the stuff came out (just like in these gay cartoon cum shots). The other thing I liked was the huge difference in the way guys came - the ending of curiosity and anxiety when we reached climax. Some are like fountains or hoses, others explosive, some are gooey dribblers and others just (disappointingly) deliver a drop.

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East Meets West & Falls in Love in This Gay Cartoon Full of Fuck Scenes

Friday, June 3. 2011
Reading the latest gay hentai from SpunkToons.com I couldn't help make parallels to other films I've seen or events in my life. The basic plot of this gay cartoon is forbidden love, compounded with an East meets West theme, through the very hunky gay cartoon characters of Mathew and Eiasu. The retro movie 'Shogun' or even better, 'Taboo' (Gohatto in Japanese) sprang to mind. If you haven't seen this latter movie, check it out, including the very handsome Matsuda Ryuhei who plays the cute young samurai that drives all the straight samurai crazy with desire for male beauty and youth. But, that's after you've downloaded all your gay cartoons though!

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Gay Hentai Boys Use E-Stim to Spice Up Their Sex

Friday, May 27. 2011
Erotic electro stimulation via an e-stim is something I have never tried. Leave it to gay hentai to point it out. And I might just try it myself if it will have the same effect on my cock as it does on these sexy gay hentai boys. Check out those massive cartoon dicks from SpunkToons.com ! After checking out these pics (which did turn me on) I'm very curious now as to the erotic sensation you would have when cumming while receiving electric stimulation? I won some lube tubes for e-stim equipment in a competition once but they are totally useless as I don't have any electric toys such as cock, scrote rings or butt plugs etc. As these gay hentai boys seem to be getting a buzz (pardon the pun) out of it, I may just hang on to them...

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Gay Hentai Boys Seiji and Sono End Their Problems With Make-up Sex

Friday, May 20. 2011

Seiji's got the green eyed monster in this episode of Sensitive Pornography from HentaiBoys.com. And you know what happens after jealousy is worked through? That's right - make up sex. And its always a little aggressive, so all those emotions like anger and a little revenge for causing heartache can be satisfied. That means these gay hentai boys fuck. And as the slightly effeminate Sono is the bottom, that means his ass is drilled with a little more power and passion. But the fires are quelled and the tender status quo of new love returns. I wish I lived in their gay hentai world, it's such a lovely place.

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