Farmer Barm Loves Man-Milk in This Gay Hentai

Wednesday, July 27. 2011
There's a bit of Brokeback Mountain going on at - men of the land that love men. The difference is that Farmer Barm has one helluva massive gay hentai cock. Heaps of milk gets sloshed around in that milking barn, and it aint from the cows! It made me think, wouldn't it be great to be in such demand in your local community like Farmer Barm, especially if its only small. I live in a big city and I wont get that much attention in 20 years. That's why I prefer to stay home and download some gay toons and let the story and gay hentai take me away.

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Gay Hentai Sex Steams Up in the Sauna

Wednesday, July 20. 2011
OK, hands up - who's had sex in a sauna? There's pros and cons. Some pro's are that because its usually in a public space, it's a little risque & the steam and sweat can act as a natural lubricant. The cons - if the sex is really hot, you get extra hot, really hot. Second, some people have really funky flavored sweat. It's much easier to just sit back and watch. For all you guys that like to steam it up in the sauna check out these toons from Gay Comics. What's with the cue-ball headed character?

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Horny Gay Hentai Flight Attendants

Wednesday, July 13. 2011
One of the nick-names I've heard flight attendants called is "walking mattress". Given all the flight attendants that I've met, the name is very apt. Actually, given all the flight attendants that I've slept with too! Some of them have had the best bodies I've ever had the pleasure of touching. I asked a flight attendant why one time and he told me it's because when you're O.S. in another time zone and you can't sleep, you go to the hotel gym for a work out. I admired how slutty they are and the lifestyle of flight attendants so much that I even tried to become one when I was younger. Seeing these exceptionally vivid and erotic gay hentai of flight attendants having gay sex and blasting each other with rivers of cum brought back all those fond memories. Thank you Hey, I wonder if the captain knows where his hat has been!

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The Simpsons With Big Dicks & A Gay Sex Fetish

Wednesday, July 6. 2011
Mr Burns! I didn't think you could get it up at your age? You better not let Smithers catch you fucking Homer over the nuclear reactor console - he'll be jealous! And Homer, for such a big bottomed man, I have to say your manhole is very tight. It was only a matter of time wasn't it? I was expecting the gang to give the cartoon characters from the Simpsons the gay treatment much earlier than this. With such big dicks I think the artists should be drawing much larger bulges...

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