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Friday, May 6. 2011
I wonder if gay hentai animators from SpunkToons.com get turned on when they are thinking up plots and drawing the animations? I reckon they would. I mean, its easy for us to get turned on when we see hot gay hentai boys fucking - their big cocks throbbing, tight young asses getting stuffed, cum sloshing everywhere, big animated eyes popping, lean muscles rippling. This stuff has to go through their minds first and then get transcribed. And wouldn't they marvel at the end result of placing boys in erotic fuck positions that started as a horny, often deviate spark in their heads? Maybe I should ask them. In the meantime, I'm simply going to enjoy the hot gay hentai anal action they come up with!

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Tuesday, May 3. 2011
fThey're cute, pure, sweet, boyish and love fucking up the butt - they're gay hentai boys from YaoiMovieArchive. I think I've just described a boyfriend I had in Tokyo many years ago? He was just like that, except that he didn't fuck as much as these gay hentai boys (unfortunately). Ever noticed that these boys seem to have balls with a never ending supply of milky boy juice? There's always pre-cum flowing and waves of cum gushing upon orgasm. It all adds to the real sex appeal of watching these cartoon boys get down and dirty and inflict untold pleasure upon each other's body.

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