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Tuesday, May 31. 2011

Aki's gay hentai master has a warped and kinky Japanese mind. I don't want to go into the plot here because I don't want to spoil things for you, just check out the clip and see if you like it. I will tell you though that it does involve bondage, voyeurism and gay cartoon sex with cute hentai boys with a little twist. It just made me think how much Japanese people love escaping off into fantasy land, even trying to make fantasy into reality eg all those fetish cafes such as cosplay, drag maids and school boy cafe's etc. What a gift to the world those warped Japanese minds are.

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Gay Hentai Boys Use E-Stim to Spice Up Their Sex

Friday, May 27. 2011
Erotic electro stimulation via an e-stim is something I have never tried. Leave it to gay hentai to point it out. And I might just try it myself if it will have the same effect on my cock as it does on these sexy gay hentai boys. Check out those massive cartoon dicks from ! After checking out these pics (which did turn me on) I'm very curious now as to the erotic sensation you would have when cumming while receiving electric stimulation? I won some lube tubes for e-stim equipment in a competition once but they are totally useless as I don't have any electric toys such as cock, scrote rings or butt plugs etc. As these gay hentai boys seem to be getting a buzz (pardon the pun) out of it, I may just hang on to them...

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Thunder Cats Cartoon Characters Go Gay

Tuesday, May 24. 2011
What series gets the big dick gay cartoon treatment this time? It's Thunder Cats. Ever wondered what your favorite feline characters from Thundera would look like having it off with each other in gay cartoon sex? Well wonder no more and check out this selection of pics from Actually, Thunder Cats has gone through a bit of a revival. They've been round since I was a young adult and I can even remember the comics of them. Of course, now there's all the hype about the Thunder Cats movie. Probably why the cats got the big dick gay cartoon treatment !

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Gay Hentai Boys Seiji and Sono End Their Problems With Make-up Sex

Friday, May 20. 2011

Seiji's got the green eyed monster in this episode of Sensitive Pornography from And you know what happens after jealousy is worked through? That's right - make up sex. And its always a little aggressive, so all those emotions like anger and a little revenge for causing heartache can be satisfied. That means these gay hentai boys fuck. And as the slightly effeminate Sono is the bottom, that means his ass is drilled with a little more power and passion. But the fires are quelled and the tender status quo of new love returns. I wish I lived in their gay hentai world, it's such a lovely place.

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Gay Hentai Military Guys With Big Muscles and Big Weapons

Tuesday, May 17. 2011
These gay hentai military men must be on the juice. They all look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. There's one difference though, these gay cartoon soldiers don't have shriveled up dicks and balls. Quite the contrary, they've got some massive members! They can barely squeeze into a mouth or up a butt hole, but they still get shoved in regardless. Have you ever seen a well built man fire a weapon in the nude? The power he's squeezing off gets absorbed in all the taught, hard flesh which trembles under the rapid fire vibrations. Cock and balls also jiggle under the pressure. Its raw, its manly and its a turn on - just like these pics from

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Gay Hentai Boys Fall in Love - and Fuck

Friday, May 13. 2011

You know that overwhelming set of emotions (passion, lust, love, desire, craving) you go through when the guy that you have been after for ages becomes your boyfriend? Its one of the central themes in this gay hentai featuring two cute Japanese boys. Not to mention its full of gay hentai sex as Seiji is a very horny bastard with a never ending cum supply. One of the things I find most erotic with a lot of gay hentai is the sound affects - all the little grunts, groans, moans and sighs when the boys are going for it is such a turn on!

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Star Wars With Big Cartoon Dicks?

Tuesday, May 10. 2011
Who would have known that Yoda was packin' so much heat underneath his robe? That's one massive green cock - the force is definitely with him! Nothing's sacred for the boys at as the characters from the Star Wars series get bent and go for a little inter-galactic gay sex. Which reminds me, in the original series Harrison Ford ("Hansolo", c'mon, what's that suggesting?) was so young and so hot. I would have loved to do to him what I see these gay cartoon characters doing to each other now. (If you are more familiar with the prequils, maybe Ewan McGregor then). That aint gonna happen so I may as well just enjoy these gay cartoons - you too!

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