Gay Hentai Slave Boys Get Used & Abused

Tuesday, April 5. 2011
You know what I like about watching gay hentai especially from YaoiMovieArchive? Often it turns my fantasies into some sort of reality for the time that I watch them. I've often fantasized about having gay slave boys in a cage that I can bring out when ever I want to - at the beg and call of my gay sexual urges. I would mistreat them too and enjoy watching them suffer a little bit. If I kept two I would sometimes make them do things to each other, or lend them to my friends and watch them abuse them. Its like the writer and producer of this gay hentai has read my mind.

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Koisuru Bokun - 'Etchi' Japanese Gay Hentai

Friday, April 1. 2011

Unrequited love is a terrible thing, especially if the man you are in love with is not gay. Tetsuhiro's love and lust for his sempai (senior) drives him crazy, crazy enough to take advantage after Souichi takes an aphrodisiac. The funny thing in this gay hentai is that his sempai never stops him from taking advantage. He complains a lot and begs for him to stop his gay sexual abuse, but he never does anything! You know what I found most erotic? With all the moans, groans, gasps and desperate begging, I was getting severely turned on. At the end, we're left with the question, "What is Souichi going to think the next day after getting fucked up the ass by his kohai (junior)"?

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