Muscular Gay Hentai Hunks in Fundoshi

Friday, April 29. 2011
Check out the new gay hentai set from I realized the homoerotic pull of the fundoshi from a young age. It was from watching those old samurai and yakuza movies. The rough, tattooed, lean bodies of the body guards employed at the badies' lair strutting around half naked with the barest of loin cloths covering their crotches really turned me on. You knew that under that flimsy but cleverly bound piece of material lurked the sexual organs and orifice that belonged to those hard, sexual bodies. I guess that's why I loved watching this gay hentai so much. Even more because they just magnified all my private sexual thoughts about fundoshi. Read my mind.

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Gay Cartoon Surfer Boys Fuck

Tuesday, April 26. 2011
Ever seen the animated series featuring a bunch of young sexy 'groms', called Stoked? Well, leave it to Just Cartoon Dicks to turn Reef and Broseph et al gay and give em big cocks so they can fuck the guts out of each other with relish. The girls don't get a look in as the boys steal the show, really turning Surfer's Paradise into a gay Surfer's Paradise in this gay cartoon. Now you can see the hard, virile, young cocks that lay hidden under those board shorts with a little animated help. Personally I think the boys are much more sexy in this version. Hey, when you are that young with lots of testosterone streaming through your veins all you want to do is experiment, and who better with than your hot surfer friends!

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Gay Hentai Boys Battle With Swords of Steel and Flesh

Friday, April 22. 2011
Check out this new gay hentai set from YaoiMovieArchive. There's nothing like the sexual power and passion of make up sex. Its often the sexual tension simmering between two individuals that leads to the confrontation. Some aggression is bled off during the fight which also acts as the bridge to the glorious, rough, passion that results. It's wild, aggressive, passionate and ever so fulfilling. Its the type of love this pair of gay hentai characters get wrapped up in, letting their simmering cum erupt from their heaving bodies.

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Horny Gay Hentai Truck Drivers

Tuesday, April 19. 2011
I've heard that a lot of those big, butch truck drivers are so manly that they are into man love. I've also heard that certain truck stops are well known beats where some of the stimulation of sitting on top of a big humming engine for hundreds of miles can be worked out. Don't you get erections while just driving in the car for long distances? And, I guess it is kinda lonely by yourself night in and night out on the open road. Young male hitch hikers are a favorite and will do anything for a lift to where they are going. seem to have heard the same things and have delivered some pretty raunchy gay hentai round the theme. Very manly too.

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Gay Hentai Boy is Humiliated & Abused

Saturday, April 16. 2011
We get a double dose of Japanese kink here from YaoiMovieArchive. For starters, its naturally gay hentai but it also incorporates cosplay. The little slave boy is forced into wearing girls clothes or cosplay costumes and then he is raped or sexually mistreated by his kinky gay hentai friend. I can really get caught up in this funky, warped stuff. But, its just art imitating real life. I know for certain that this really goes on in Japan (and probably in other countries that copy). If any of you have taken the walk down the main drag of Harajuku on a Sunday you know it can easily be so. Some weird and wonderful goth, decora and cosplayers are out in force and they have their own 'gatherings' on other days.

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Gay Hentai Boys Fire Their Weapons

Thursday, April 14. 2011
Check out this new gay hentai set from from It takes a creative mind to come up with military gay hentai boys. I mean, its pretty ingenious (and kinky) to have an ass and cock operated gun. Naturally, a 'big bazooka' is a necessity and what happens to captured enemy soldiers? Imagine firing those weapons. The jolt of letting off a round would thrust the butt of the gun up ya butt! Or, letting off rounds of machine gun fire would send millions of rapid vibrations right to your balls. Of course being gay hentai these cartoon weapons of mass pleasure unleash their jizzy loads and always have a massive magazine loaded with ammunition.

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Koizu Checks in to the Love Resort (Gay Hentai)

Friday, April 8. 2011
Have any of you guys ever been to a gay resort or even stayed in a gay hotel? Aren't most of the staff all sluts!? What a great job that must be though - a constant change over of hot men eager for a bit of naughty action any time. And of course, most of the time management only hire some of the best looking boys, for obvious reasons. Well, whether you have or haven't either way I reckon you'll enjoy this gay hentai from where muscular Koizu checks in then checks his big cock into the bell boy's tight ass. That little slut loves it.

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