Famous Cartoon Boys - With Big Cocks

Wednesday, March 30. 2011
The gay hentai artists from SpunkToons.com parodied a few Japanese cartoons and games here, ie Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and Final Fantasy 7. But it is kinda fun giving those animated boys such big cocks on their little frames. Cocks that are always loaded with gallons of cum to spray here and there like a fire hose out of control. It is also perverted to turn them gay and have them into bondage. It's a real kinky change of scene for these guys. I wasn't a huge fan at the start but now that I've viewed this gay hentai and thought about it, I'm getting turned on! Bye, I'm flipping through the next set of cartoons.

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Gay Hentai - Joyous Cum Shots

Friday, March 25. 2011
The good thing about gay cartoons is that they can take things from reality (like cum shots) and emphasize them or take them past the realms of reality. Although, these toons from SpunkToons.com are quite plausible as the gay hentai boys are youths - and we all know how full of cum and how powerful their cum shots can be. I can recall having sex with an Asian boy one time and I asked him to cum on my chest. I had to have the sofa steam cleaned because massive streams of cum kept cumming! Stream after stream. It was as if I was being hosed down with a hose made of flesh. There were puddles in the center of my chest and collecting in my belly button, not to mention those that connected the two puddles or flowed over either side of my rib cage and the shots that went flying past my head.

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Rather Read Gay Cartoons Than Go to Heaven?

Tuesday, March 22. 2011
Fans of the animated series Metalocalypse are going to recognize the characters in this gay cartoon from Just Cartoon Dicks.. I didn't realize that they all had such big throbbing cocks and that they liked sticking them in each other's ass?! But you know who's missing? If anyone from Metalocalypse was going to be into gay cartoon sex I would have thought it would have been Dr Rockso, the rock n roll clown. Personally, I'm more into Asian style gay cartoons but if we were all the same we'd be a boring lot. Variety is the spice of life!

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I Love These Gay Hentai. Am I Kinky?

Friday, March 18. 2011
YaoiMovieArchive.com brings you another hot gay hentai set today. Yoshi is a cute slave boy who's kept naked in a cage, fed scraps, routinely tortured and wantonly abused by his depraved captors. He's helpless against the hentai sexual desires of his masters. Submitted to bondage and fucked constantly, his boyhole has relaxed after so much abuse. From the look on is face, he's worried he has turned kinky because when he gets sexually mistreated, his cock gets hard and cum erupts from his dick. I love the fact that after this little gay sex slave is abused he is tossed aside like a used tissue - just how he deserves to be treated. Where can I get a hentai boy like Yoshi? Oh, how I'd love one!

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Gay Hentai in Night of the Mummy

Tuesday, March 15. 2011
Let's check out the new gay hentai series from SpunkToons.com. Now, if all Middle Eastern gay guys had the same svelte, bronze, smooth, muscular body of this gay cartoon character, Kali, I'd be into Middle Eastern men! Imagine being in that sweltering tomb and all the extra sweat poring off you as hard bodies grind against each other and you grunt and groan. Its strange how these cartoons can get people more aroused than looking at videos of the real thing?!

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Sweet Gay Cartoon Boys Have Sex

Friday, March 11. 2011
Check out this hot gay hentai set from YaoiMovieArchive.com. Beni invites Renji back to his apartment, infatuated with his young slender twinky body. He starts to tickle and tease the naked flesh of Renji's torso, who quivers in anticipation of greater things to come. His skin tightens like goose flesh in excitement. Beni senses he has to take Renji higher, and moves on down to his loins.

He pulls back Renji's pants, bursting to expose his dick, balls and delicious boyhole. He can't wait to see how thick a dildo Renji's innocent boyhole can take. As the dildo plunges in, Renji grimaces as it stretches him apart. Satisfied that Renji's hole has relaxed, Beni bends him over so he can slide his patient cock inside. And absorbed in the glorious moment, locked at the hips the circle of young lust is complete by locking lips at the same time.

But the constant anal stimulation finally becomes too much, causing an eruption of cum from these young, hard cocks.

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Gay Hentai Twinks Feast on Each Other's Big Dicks

Tuesday, March 8. 2011
In this set of gay hentai from SpunkToons.com a group of cute gay toons with super big cocks get together to bake for a fund raiser. But, it looks like the only tools and ingredients that get used are mouths, young big cocks, saliva and 'milk'! The boys can sense each other's lust and friskiness as they gather in the kitchen. Soon the clothes come off and its an all-out orgy. Young cocks spring to full attention and hungry submissive boys start slurping on their meaty feast before their eyes. But boyholes ache to be stuffed and cocks ache to stuff them. The boys pair up so they can loosen some holes and cause a whole lot of frenzied cuming. Now that was better than baking muffins.

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