Big Cock 3D Gay Toons in a Shower

Friday, November 28. 2008

Hi there! How are you doing? I have some 3D gay toons pics for today..Check out these two kung fu gay cartoon boys! After practicing, they have a shower and something happens in there... check out the pics..see them in a hot action in the bathroom! I really love these big cock gay toon guys!

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Gay Hentai Mortal Combat

Tuesday, November 25. 2008

Hi there! How are you doing? Sorry for no update for a week. I'm just back from a vacation...had a really good one. I have some pics of gay hentai from Mortal Combat. It is one of the very first games I played when I was young and I quite like those characters. I never imagine seeing them in gay Hentai :D pretty hot!!!!

Thanks JustCartoonDicks for these hot pics!

I love gay hentai

Gay Hentai Art Pics

Tuesday, November 18. 2008

Hi there! How are you doing? I have some gay hentai art pics for you today.. Check out these two gay cartoon guys. They fight each other but it finally turns out to be a hot fuck action! It is love after war :D I always like to see fighters fucking each other :D Hope you guys like this set...more gay toon coming soon!

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Gay Cartoon Big Cock Solo

Saturday, November 15. 2008

Hi there! How are you doing? Sorry about no update for a while. I have a flu and has been in bed...getting a bit better today. I have some gay cartoon guys solo for today.. I always love big cock toon :D Might be a little too big but if I could, I would love to try those in my mouth or maybe my ass too! :D

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Gay Cartoon - Flintstones

Tuesday, November 11. 2008

Hi there! How are you doing? I'm back again this week with some pics hot this famous cartoon. I guess all of you know this is Flintstones.. I used to watch it a lot when I was younger but never thought I would have a chance to see it in gay cartoon version. They look kinda hot and cute at the same time... think some of you will like it!!

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Gay Hentai - Comic Book

Sunday, November 9. 2008

Hi guys! How are you? I think I haven't posted anything from a comic book that looks more like Asian style for a while. This is a very good one..very nice art and heck it really turns me on..This site always has lots of good gay hentai stuff that you will have to check out!! I will post more of these comic books!

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Gay Hentai Exclusive Pics

Friday, November 7. 2008

Hi there! How are you doing? It's Friday!! I remember when I was younger I liked Friday because I waited for the weekend a whole week. It was the weekend that I could watch cartoon as much as I wanted. When I grew up a bit, I switched to gay Hentai :D and never stopped watching it since :P Anyway I have some gay hentai pics for today..Hope you like them!

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I love gay hentai