Life of Tetsu - Gay Hentai Comics

Monday, September 29. 2008

Hi there! How are you doing? I have some pics from the gay hentai comics "The Life of Tetsu" from is a desperate salesman who needs someone to help with his sales or he will be fired. Kudo offers some help and teaches him a good lesson. Tetsu life is changing after that and he will continue his life with his new adventures that can't be missed...

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Exclusive Gay Hentai Art from SpunkToons

Tuesday, September 23. 2008

Hi guys...How are you doing? I have some exclusive sample pics of gay Hentai art from for you! They have tons of hot gay hentai pics & videos. It is definitely one of the best gay hentai sites around. Check them out and fulfill you gay hentai famtacy!

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Samurai X - Gay Hentai

Thursday, September 18. 2008

Hi there! How are you doing? It's been a while since the last time I posted gay hentai video. It is kinda hard to find one. I have a preview clip of this gay hentai movie. Check out the clip below as those three guys suck one another. It looks a bit of a western style but still hot! Hope you enjoy the show!

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Samurai X - Gay Hentai

Tuesday, September 16. 2008

Hi there! How are you doing? Some of you may know the Japanese cartoon Samurai X. I actually just watched it the other day on TV. Kenshin is definitely one of the most popular characters that appears in gay hentai.. He also appears in one of the famous gay hentai movies, Samurai Fantasy :D Anyway hope you enjoy the pics!

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Gay Hentai Art

Sunday, September 14. 2008

Hi there! How are you doing? Sorry about the lack of update.. I'm trying my best to maintain the site..I have to travel a bit often lately...anyway I got some more gay hentai content to be posted on this site...stay tuned :) I have a few pics of this hot gay hentai art for today...hope you like them!

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Some Gay Hentai Pics

Wednesday, September 3. 2008

Hi there! How are you doing?? I'm not quite sure if Gay Hentai only refers to Japanese gay toon style.. Well I will also call Western toon 'Hentai' to make it easier. I've got some parody pics for today....from the toon Aladdin. I quite like this set actually. I used to imagine naked Aladdin and don't have to do that anymore. These pics are from one of the newest gay cartoon sites................ ---> Check them out guys!!

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