Another Gay Hentai Comics

Monday, June 30. 2008

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Hi guys how is everything going? I hope you guys had a great weekend and started the fresh new week. I've got some sample of gay Hentai comics for today. It is a western style so not sure if I can call it gay Hentai...sounds more like Japanese but well I think I'm going to use that term from now no matter what style it is.......Enjoy!!

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Spider Man 3D Gay Hentai

Sunday, June 29. 2008

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Hi there! How are you? No update for a little while and I came back with some pics of gay hentai 3D for today. It is a nice 3D of spider man in action looks a little funny but I really like it :) Hope you guys like it too...I started to like 3D these days........especially the real looking one like I posted before.

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Gay Hentai - 3D Voyeur

Wednesday, June 25. 2008

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Hi there! How is it going? This is another smoking hot gay 3D story! Check the story out as Jack came to the house he wanted to rent. He then went into the toilet and saw a nude magazine. Romano, the owner put it there intentionally. Jack fell for it and started to have a big hardon..and Romano becomes a perv! :) He kept watching Jack being naked and jerking off!

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Gay Hentai Video

Monday, June 23. 2008

Hi there! How are you guys doing? This is the first time I'm going to post a gay hentai video. It is quite difficult to find real good gay hentai videos on the net these days. I've seen lots of normal hentai but not gay ones...well At least this site has a lot :) Let's check out this sample preview...hope you like like it and download all hot gay toon videos at Gay-Comics! :)

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Gay Hentai Pics

Saturday, June 21. 2008

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Hi there! How is it going? I've been surfing an internet and found some of this pics... Looks like it is a little series a gay Hentai art.. I don't quite understand it as there is no text :P It looks like the guys got captured then fucked...well its pretty hot! I kinda wanna see the full story!

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Gay Hentai Parody Pics

Friday, June 20. 2008

Hi there! How are you? I've got some pics of gay hentai parody for today. If you are a big fan of gay cartoon, I'm sure you guys will know where those characters come from...Those are some of my favorite characters actually... Having been watching cartoons since I was young, these parodies really turns me on!

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3D Gay Hentai

Wednesday, June 18. 2008

Hi there! Check out some of the 3D gay Hentai for today..3D art look very real. I wasn't a big fan of 3D before until I found this site. The quality is really good and worth every single cent. For today, the super star Rock Hardon goes to the fitting room trying to get some costume. He's comfortable to be completely naked for a measurement...and the lucky stylist gets to see everything plus.................hmmm

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