Gay Hentai 3D Pics

Sunday, January 27. 2008

Hi there! How are you? Its been a while since the last time I posted some of gay hentai 3d pics. Even if I'm not a big fan of this whole 3d thing, I think this is pretty hot. I love those huge cock gay cartoon. These pics are actually captures from the movie that you will not want to miss. Check the site below.

Thanks for these pics - 3d, Japanese toon, Western toon you name it...they've got it all. Check them out!

Gay Hentai Master

Under Cock Arrest IV - Gay Hentai

Tuesday, January 22. 2008

Hi there! Here comes the last episode of the Under Cock Arrest. This is one of my most favourite gay hentai comic books. Ren has a plan to help all the boys out of there. He's not as strong as Katsu but smart..Let's check out what his plan is. and yeah there will be Under Cock Arrest II coming...stay tuned!

Many Thanks to for these samples...Check them out for full books

Gay Hentai Master

Under Cock Arrest III - Gay Hentai

Sunday, January 20. 2008

Hi there! Sorry for no update for a while. I took a very long holiday :D This is part III of the Under Cock Arrest. Ren has been kidnapped as planned and they took him to the warehouse out of the city. He met all the kidnapped college boys. You won't want to miss this hot erotic toons, several cute cute boys naked!. Lets check out what Ren has to face in the warehouse!!

Many Thanks to for these samples.

Gay Hentai Master