Under Cock Arrest II - More of gay hentai comic book!

Sunday, December 9. 2007
Hi there! This is the second part of the gay hentai comic book, Under Cock Arrest.. This is my most favorite stories I have ever wrote. I'm writing the new one called Arkasia now..think I will be able to post some pics in the next few weeks Hope you enjoy this second part!!

Gay Hentai Master

Under Cock Arrest I

Friday, December 7. 2007
Hello there! This is the new hot gay hentai comic book! Lets meet Ren and Katsu, the two police officers. They are work colleagues and have to work together all the time..........Don't miss this one if you have a cop fantasy!! Oh the site hired me to write the story to make this book...yeah it is my own story..I cannot tell everything though :) making toon go with porn is difficult...check out my work!

Thanks GayAsianAnime.com for these pics...and thanks myself for writing the story hehe

Hot 3D Gay Cartoon

Wednesday, December 5. 2007

Hi there! I'm sorry for no update for a while. I was on a holiday and back home now. I will be updating this site as much as possible. For today Gay Hentai Art has some 3D cartoon pics. I'm not a big fan of 3D toon but know some of you love it :) Enjoy!

Photo Courtesy of Gay Cartoon !!

Gay Hentai Master