Gay Hentai Parody - Dragon Ball and Street Fighters

Tuesday, October 30. 2007

Hello guys! I'm sorry for no update for a while. I've been moving the server. I think you guys can feel the site loads much faster now :) Today I've got some gay hentai art pics. They are parodies of two famous cartoons/games, Street Fighters and Dragon Ball. I love streeet fighters. Its been my favorite game since I was young..think 10 years+..Enjoy the pics!

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Gay Hentai Set - Western

Wednesday, October 24. 2007

Hello guys! Another gay hentai art in western style.. I like it.. I love the set with a story better than stand alone pics. This set is simple and nice. Actually I prefer the set with young looking guys hehe All in all I still like Asian or specifically Japanese style better...but this isn't bad. I love threesome toon :D

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Another gay comic book

Monday, October 22. 2007
Hello there! This is another comic book from One of my favorite gay hentai website. I've been posting lots of Asian style toon so lets see some western style today. I'm not a big fan of western style but some of them are made really good. This one is ok :) Hope you ejoy it..check out the site for all their gay hentai book

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Some mix gay hentai art pics

Saturday, October 20. 2007

Hi there! Some pics of mixed gay hentai arts pics for today. I wont talk much as I just borrow a gay cartoon DVD from my friend lol nahhh it's not gay hentai dvd..just normal one... will let you guys know how it is....

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Dragon Ball Parody - Gay Hentai

Thursday, October 18. 2007

Hi guys! Some art pics of the Dragon Ball parody. I love just make me want to watch the real toon again and can imagine better. It wasn't long ago when I finished watching a whole series the second time...I always got horny watching them even if they arent naked.....imagination!! lol

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A gay toon set

Tuesday, October 16. 2007

Hi guys! I've got another hot gay hentai set! A big cock boy fucking in a shower. The art is nice and the toon is hot..I hope you guys like it :) These toons really drive me crazy...did I mention I shot my load on the screen seeing this set?? lol

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More of gay hentai set from last time

Sunday, October 14. 2007

Hi guys! More from last time.......a hot gay hentai set....Dragon Ball :) Hope you guys like them..Don't forget to check the site for more hot toons... I need to go hunting for more pics or clips of these gay hentai art for you guys...hope I can find some sample videos...

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