Asian Gay Hentai Comic Book

Saturday, September 22. 2007
Hi those who love gay Hentai! Time to read a bit of a comic book from Meet Takeshi and Yoshi, two hot Japanese couple living in Tokyo, Japan. Today is Yoshi's birthday, and he comes home to an extra special surprise. Takeshi gives him a very special present, another hot boy, and the three have a hot and sensational orgy. The next day Yoshi gets involved with some shady dealings in a back alley, where he is taken hostage by the ugly fat gay Yakuza. Now his boyfriend Takeshi must enter the dangerous gay mafia underworld to rescue his lover...

Gotta tell you I can get only 8 pages but those pages are hot! If you like to read a whole story, please check out!

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Some gay hentai parody pics

Tuesday, September 18. 2007

Hi there! A few pics of gay hentai parody..the first pic is again Rurouni Kenshin with Yu Gi Oh...HOT HOT!! The second one is from Saint Seiya..over 10 years ago I loved Saint Seiya so of the best cartoons ever made!! For the third pic, I couldn't remember :P Will try to find out where they are from...Let me know if you know :)!

Thanks for the pics!!

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Gay Hentai Backseat Blowjob

Sunday, September 16. 2007
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Hi guys! I'm back again with a gay hentai set.. This set is a backseat blowjob action. Two cute boys, two big cocks in such a hot action. I know the toonist. Hes the same person as the set I posted before..He love going gay hentai :D Again its not Japanese or western style but I like it...Those boys are HOT!!

Pics from --> Many thanks!!

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3D Gay Toons

Friday, September 14. 2007

Hi there! Something new..I'm not sure if the terms gay hentai can be used to describe these 3D toons. I like these 3D toons..not as much as real toons though. They look too real for me lol I do like some of 3D toons though.. I will try to find more pics of hot characters.. I would love to watch the guy in Final Fantasy the movie naked!!

Thanks for the pics!

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Gay Hentai Pics with sketch

Wednesday, September 12. 2007

Hi there! I have a few gay hentai pics for today from I love to see the sketch before they out colors on it. I think art is wonderful... it makes things so beautiful. From simple plain pictures turning into nice colorful art that can turn me on :D This is one of my favourite toonists. I like his work...toons don't look too Japanese or too Western.

Pics from

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Gay Hentai Art Pics

Monday, September 10. 2007

Hi guys! Got some pictures of gay hentai art.........They are parodies of cartoon and game characters if I'm right...not sure but they look familiar...but well it doesn't matter as they are all HOT! These toons turn me on much more than real human..I always love gay hentai art :) Don't you? Click thumbs to enlarge the pics!!

Many Thanks to for the pics

Have a lovely week!
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Gay Hentai Parody - Rurouni Kenshin

Saturday, September 8. 2007

Hello there.. Let's some parody is of the famous toon called Rurouni Kenshin...The guy with the scar on his face is one of my fav cartoon characters. He's hot!!! You gotta watch the real cartoon and you will love to see him naked. This was made a game too..I'm not sure if its PS1 or PS2 but if you love the toons and games of Rurouni will love this!

Pics : from - more of its parody..check them out.

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