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Monday, August 20. 2007

Mac is so naughty. He runs around streets on the city getting into all kinds of mischief, thieving food and a menace to law abiding citizens. That was until yesterday when Mac was busted trying to sell himself on a dark street corner. He was picked up by the local police who brought him in for questioning. Too cute to prosecute, the law thought if he was 'taught a lesson' it would serve as punishment enough. Only problem was, Mac's a very naughty boy who loves every minute of sucking the cum from two giant police 'batons' thrust towards his body. HOT gay hentai set

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Thursday, August 16. 2007

In my world of fantasy everything is perfect, and this is definitely the most erotic of all positions. I get so excited as the body to be sacrificed lowers down, being impaled upon a blood gorged member. The moans of pain and pleasure as the rod penetrates up inside the sacrificial lamb. Inflicting more pleasure and pain by jabbing, gouging and hammering that hole. The impaled body twisting and bouncing around, riding the cock and held in place, thrust even harder down on that cock.

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